If you are a small or a big group, we offer guided tours by bus. Your private guide will take you on a Panoramic tour of the city, over the many bridges and to the different islands that make this city.
You will make stops at the best and most famous sights and your guide will take you inside for a tour with your group.
Stockholm is known for its beautiful archipelago with its 24 000 islands. Water surrounds the city.  To the east the Baltic Sea and to the west the Lake Mälaren. The best way to see Stockholm from the waterside is to rent a private boat with Captain. We can make stops at islands and in small archipelago towns. Why not have a nice lunch at one of the many restaurants by the water?

Private tours in Stockholm

Stockholm is located on 14 islands, so it is a big area to cover to be able to see the different parts of the city.  A great way to see as much as possible is to book a private authorized tour guide and a limousine with a driver.  
This will allow you to go to the south part of town with its great viewpoints, see the green beautiful island of Djurgården and also experience the modern districts with lots of shopping areas, parks and markets, experience some of our “off the beaten tracks” favorite spots, and also step off the car for a brief walk in the oldest part of this, soon 800 year old, town.  
 If you enjoy using your legs and like to experience the medieval part of town to the fullest, a “walking tour” of the Old Town is a great way to learn about the historical part of the city. Your private tour guide will walk with you on the cobblestone streets and to the famous squares, and you will learn about how Stockholm was founded, the importance or our exports, the Kings and Queens and important persons who helped to develop this city to one of the most successful and prospering cities of the world.

Lets talk about...

We will of cause always talk about the things we see on the way, but to make the tour more interesting and fun we can also talk about:

Who are the real Swedes?
Who were the Vikings (are they still around:-)?
How about IKEA, ABBA, and Volvo..are there more famous wonders of Sweden?
What does it cost to live here?
How do we survive in the dark- and coldness in the north during the long winters?
How about healthcare and school systems?
What about the Swedish sin,  does it exist?
..and much more...